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Ningbo Ding Sealing Technology Co., Ltd. can be molded in the process of metal or plastic bonding to the diaphragm. Mechanical bonding is usually the most economical and simple method. This procedure can be accomplished by designing projections or recesses on the insert. In the molding process, the embedded parts are wholly or partly covered with rubber to form a strong mechanical interlock.
Chemical or adhesive bonding is the use of an economical adhesive on a non rubber component, which is attached to the rubber during vulcanization or after vulcanization, depending on the type of adhesive required and the shape of the diaphragm.
The design of the metal insert should be avoided as far as possible to highlight the protruding part of the elastic body, but also to avoid the intersection of two raw materials to produce sharp corners.
Steel is the most commonly used insert material. But copper, stainless steel, aluminum and nylon are often used. Some rubber and embedded materials can also be welded by molecular gravity. The most common approach is to achieve the treatment of sulfur and sulfur nitride.
The bonding of the insert to the diaphragm can reduce or eliminate the costly assembly cost step. In addition, the adhesive additive can completely eliminate the leakage caused by rivets, screws or other fixing methods.
Ningbo shiding Sealing Technology Co. Ltd. is a leading international, molded diaphragm with innovative and cost-effective solutions provider, these solutions in the industry, automobile industry, aviation industry, medical equipment, plays a vital role in basic food and water treatment systems and equipment used in the fields of the. The company's reputation is based on the design of excellent quality, the most advanced technology to produce high-performance, fabric reinforced and pure rubber diaphragm seal.

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