Rubber diaphragm is mainly used in what areas


Rubber diaphragm
Definition: diaphragm made of rubber or rubber and organic sandwich material.
Applied disciplines: Mechanical Engineering (first level); instrumentation components (two disciplines); elastic components - diaphragm (instrumentation) (level two)
Rubber diaphragm is mainly used in the flow, pressure, poor, liquid level, constant volume heat compensation valve, regulating valve, automatic mechanical servo device, switch and counter. Its advantages are high reliability, good performance, long service life and low cost.
In the low pressure operation, the force generated by the cloth strengthening diaphragm may become redundant. For this work, can be made of rubber elastic rubber diaphragm structure, the diaphragm can also be provided with a cloth diaphragm has also strengthened, at the same time and enhance the economic benefits of using uniform elastic structure.
Uniform elastic structure can be applied to all kinds of rubber, with some strength inside the fabric cloth; such as nylon, polyester, or aramid fabric.
The utility model has the advantages that the service life of the rubber diaphragm is long, and the operation can be carried out synchronously with other control components. Even in extremely harsh working conditions, it can guarantee the normal work and long service life.

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