How does the rubber diaphragm affect the construction machinery


In many of the construction industry will need large tools, after all, this industry is unlikely to rely on people, it is necessary to have excavators, loaders and the like. In order to help people quickly to demolition, and reconstruction of housing. These machines will appear inside the common fault and the failure of a few points:
1, the pressure regulating valve for pressure rubber diaphragm damage and leakage.
Bear because of its frequently repeated punching pressure, repeated hog, reset action, by the gas, water erosion, so it often makes the rubber diaphragm damage, this is the most vulnerable to the control valve malfunction. The rubber diaphragm is damaged, the compressed gas from the pump to the pressure regulating valve into the upper part of the rubber diaphragm, and not into the gas cylinder, the cylinder pressure does not rise up. At this time, the temperature of the pressure regulating valve is easy to rise, and the air pressure of the brake system shows that the air pressure is insufficient.
2, control valve shell rupture
The rubber diaphragm is composed of three parts: upper, middle and lower parts. Because the shell is made of aluminum material, in the process of decomposition or combination, if the method of disassembling and assembling screws is not appropriate, the shell is easy to break. Failure in the demolition, installation screws, should be diagonal and repeatedly tightened or loosened, the shell according to the force on the surface of the alloy ring is consistent, to prevent damage due to uneven stress.
And these two are generally these two problems have emerged, and here are relying on the support of the rubber diaphragm, so if you want to break the machine, it is necessary to delay the project is not good. As long as every day to check whether there is damage to the diaphragm.

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