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Diaphragm profile

Cloth diaphragm (composite diaphragm) is a dynamic setting, multi-purpose seal diaphragm, basically can remove the seal of U cup, O ring, metal bellows, smooth cutting diaphragm caused by constraint. Clip cloth can withstand 250Pa - 9.8MPa pressure at 60 degrees below zero Celsius -. We currently manufacture a diaphragm thickness of 0.25 mm -100 mm. Ningbo Ding Ding is committed to the production of high-performance diaphragm dynamic sealing products, and make your product price is more competitive. Our R & D department is ready to develop new product design to ensure the timeliness and comprehensiveness of the design!
Ningbo Ding Ding sealing technology can be used in the process of shaping the membrane rubber bonded metal or plastic film production of the perfect combination. Mechanical bonding is usually the cheapest and easiest way to do it. This process is achieved by designing the protruding part or cavity of the insert. During the molding process, the elastic system creates a strong mechanical bond that will insert all or part of the compression. Bonding of chemical adhesives to "economical" adhesives for use in non elastic parts. The parts will be attached to the elastomer during or after vulcanization, depending on the type of adhesive required and the pattern of the diaphragm. Image 1 shows the adhesive bonding. The design of the metal insert should be avoided as far as possible to highlight the protruding part of the elastic body, but also to avoid the two raw materials at the junction of sharp angle. Steel is the most common raw material for the manufacture of inserts, but brass, stainless steel, aluminum, nylon can also be used as raw materials. Some elastomers and inserts can be bonded to each other by the attraction of molecular forces. The most common approach is through the realization of brass and sulfur nitride. The attachment of the insert to the diaphragm can reduce or eliminate the high cost of assembly operations. In addition, the adhesive additive can completely eliminate the leakage caused by rivets, screws or other fixing methods.

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